Hydro Seeding

What is Hydro Seeding?

Hydro seeding is a grass planting process that has been used on everything from highways, to residential lawns. The process is fast, simple, economical, and efficient. The hydro seeding process starts by mixing cellulose fiber mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, and water in a tank to be mixed and pumped by a machine. Once the mixture is fully blended it is then sprayed on the ground. The material in the resulting mat enhances the seed germinating process and will stimulate the seeds to grow a healthy and deep root system and an even pattern of leaf stock.

Hydro seeding can be the fastest way to plant a lush, green lawn. It costs just slightly more than older methods of seeding and mulching (using straw) and is about one-third the cost of laying sod. Your lawn will be hydro seeded with a tested, high quality turf mix which is specially blended for this area. Unlike traditional straw mulch (which is loaded with weed seed), hydro seed mulch has NO WEED SEEDS. Your hydro seeded lawn will come up much faster than dry seed and there is no worry about whether it will "take" when sod is used.

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